The Eagle of the Apocalypse doesn’t want you to use contraceptives

Not only does his name sound like a bad-ass metal band, but he is also the “Co-Prophet of the End Times”. That’s nutjob for “I think Jesus chose me to deliver you the good news about his planned mass slaughter”. He’s so crazy that one scary sounding name fantasizing about the death of countless human beings was not enough.

Priceless moments include:
– Referring to “withdrawal” as a Planned Parenthood form of birth control.
– Objection to having the Pope tell us what to do is the devil talking.
– God invented the “Game of Sex”
– God punishes you with STD’s in this life and eternal torture in the next.
– Dude admits to own lack of popularity due to harshness of message

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    In Utah

    Was the only reason he recorded this video outside so he could hold his mic in his coat?

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    I went and watched some of this guys other videos and I just get so angry. I think it comes down to mental illness in the form that without this “hobby/goal” of pushing insane shit on people he would have no purpose in life. This keeps him busy, even if deep down he knows he’s pushing crazy stuff. That’s gotta be it since he should be able to see that all his videos have high percentages of thumbs down and he still keeps on posting. Sigh…

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    Joseph Scott

    So God allegedly hates a wasted load, therefore, my ol lady is God.

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    Giles Farmer

    This guy is obsessed with sex, wanking and spilling seed, and notice how his hands and the lower half of his body are off camera……. Fwap fwap!

    You’ve got to admire him though, how does he keep a straight face throughout all that activity?

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    Sterling Knight

    So this asshole goes out and buys a bidirectional mic, stuffs it in his jacket sideways and now his video only has sound coming out of the left speaker. If you’re going to preach shit I don’t want to hear, at least do it right!

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    Question: If there are only going to be 144,000 people raptured, why are you giving advice on how to avoid being left behind AND telling people not to use contraception, which will increase the population of christians, thereby sabotaging your own chances of being one of the 144k?

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    C Conti

    “Was the only reason he recorded this video outside so he could hold his mic in his coat?”

    Actually, he is holding the Mic there to mask the hard-on

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