I love Jesus because my school is unconstitutional

There are lots of schools in the US that seemed to have missed the memo that any public educational institution is a secular institution, and any form of religious proselytizing is strictly forbidden. An employee in North Carolina recently discovered that her elementary school has decided that a Christmas gift basket is the perfect opportunity to try and indoctrinate kids. While packing boxes for needy families in other countries, the school has asked the kids to sign a form that asks them:

My Name is ______
I Live in _______
I love Jesus because ________”

It’s more of that annoying “charity at a price” we’ve come to expect from Christians. Their first job is always to try and spread their worthless gospel, and helping others is seen as a secondary goal. These people are too ignorant to realize that not everyone wants to hear crazy religious bullshit, especially if the only way to accept their charity is by listening to their pointless proselytizing. How about you just do nice things because people need help? Why do you need to bring your imaginary friend into everything?

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