The Voices in your head is always God talking to you!

So, according to a dude who heard voices in his head, God speaks in exactly the same voice that you do, and magically agrees with everything you say. Now, I should warn you that the tiny, insignificant voice in the back of your head that keeps on criticizing your decision not to question that voice is really the devil. He’s so tricky, he’ll try and convince you that you’re merely choosing to re-enforce your opinions by thinking that they’re endorsed by a supreme being.

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    It seems like the voice of god really likes singing songs in my head.

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    Prove it. Ha!

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    Tom C

    How helpful! God sounds just like the voice I hear when I’m reading or writing or thinking…and ME.

    The world must be a beautiful place when you think your own voice in your head is god. It’s got to be AWESOME when you think the real world is magically manipulated all the time by their personal god, who is always on their side. Even when he allows them to die in mass numbers.

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    So what if the voice tells you to murder someone? Is that God or the devil?

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    Didn’t complete the video yet but I caught a statement made that to me was funny. The white dude with the stashe said “Let us make man in our own image.”

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    Hearing voices in your head is a symptom of mental illness. If you think the voices are coming from a god, then you are religious.Funny how that works.

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    In Utah

    It’s all ego and insecurity.

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    Joseph Scott

    What’s that God? Go masturbate? Thank’s oh mighty one, I think I will.

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