Satanic cults have baby farms!

Wow, did you know that Satanic cults are everywhere?

Did you know they they were raising children specifically for sacrifice, and that an effective way to spot these miscreants is to first target any business that has Halloween decorations?

Did you know any idiot can appear in front of a camera and say shit that makes everyone else’s brain hurt?

It’s amazing what you can learn in an afternoon, isn’t it?

(via this guy)

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    Sterling Knight

    Holy jumping fuckin’ shit-balls… I think I just lost a couple thousand brain cells.

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    Roseanne Barr is a nut case…

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    Mathieu B

    This made my day

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    Jeffrey Jones

    Is that a country and western remake of the opening to Megaman 3?

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    Tom C

    These people remind me of my grandmother…only crazier. I’d like to see pictures of the broken tree limbs after the 80 foot deamons chased them. Or maybe a picture of a footprint even.

    At the very least, Big Foot hoaxers are willing to manufacture evidence. So that makes these people even less reputable than they are!

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    In Utah

    Poor old Captain Picard is going to kill himself now.

    I like how the guy said that he doesn’t live off of his job but rather he lives off of his faith. So if you have so much faith, why do you even have a job then?

    Because none of them really have faith. Deep down they know it’s bullshit.

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