I’m earthbound, and I’m delusional

Can’t wait to hear that trumpet sound, eh? And you wonder why people who haven’t been brainwashed by your bullshit think that Christianity is a creepy death cult. The sheer ecstasy you try to convey when talking about dying scares the fucking shit out of us, honestly.

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    Did anyone else notice the kid was just for show?

    Mic was off and tamborine was nowhere to be heard.

    Child exploitation I say!

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    I think my membership recently expired. How do I re-up again, through paypal? What’s the email, I can’t find it. I tried checking the ‘contact’ and ‘about us’ links at the bottom of the page, but I don’t see anything helpful…

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    With an array of attire like that, are they trying to be a coed Village People for Jesus?

    A SPECIAL REQUEST: Can you post a series of video clips from TBN (I think) of the muscle-bound goofballs that break stuff as a means of showing how empowered they are by their faith in Jesus? I vividly recall channel-flipping past shows on that channel where greased up body builder types were on stage in front of congregations bending, breaking, and doing all manner of things to inanimate objects to show how tough Jesus made them.

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    Ooh, found some on YouTube. Look up Team Impact there, and you’ll see what I mean.

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    In Utah

    If I were god, I would not want to hang out with these people.

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