Newt Gingrich can suck my balls

“How can you have judgement if you don’t have faith?”
Translation: “How can you distinguish right from wrong if you don’t believe in nonsense?”

I think I can answer this one, Newt: my judgement and morality comes from the slow, meticulous process of natural selection. Feelings of compassion, tolerance, love, friendship and community aren’t predicated by the belief that a 2000 year old dead Palestinian Jew had a really bad weekend, but rather on the need for our ancestors to get along long enough to survive and produce successful offspring. The rest is just window dressing.

Also, go fuck yourself.

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    I’m sure the whole ‘no religious test for office’ thing was a typo. Newt’s bang on here.

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    LOL “had a really bad weekend”

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    Hmmm. Instead of evidence and precedent, I should just use my superstition gland to discern right from wrong. That sounds like a good way to live my life…

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    I’m sorry but you shouldn’t use any of your faith to run a country. Considering you are supposed to be a dick and hate other beliefs how could we have any international diplomacy let alone a cohesive country fed up with our leaders being to busy thinking god only cares about what the do in public.

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    LMFAO! Best. Post. Ever.
    Love the title, the text makes great points in a hilarious way, and the sign off is perfect. Keep it up! 🙂

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