Canadian Imam learns important lesson about Muslim “Brotherhood”

If you’re planning to take a pilgrimage to Medina, you might want to make sure that you’re practicing “Islam” the way the locals want you to. That’s a lesson a Canadian Imam by the name of Usama Al-Atar learned rather painfully, as he was singled out from a prayer group, strangled, beaten, and then taken to jail.

According to CTV, he’s been released, but details are extremely sketchy. The police claim that he assaulted someone, but according to witnesses, the religious police found his praying to be “inappropriate” and quickly mobilized to silence him.

Let’s remember that Saudi Arabia is still the only country on earth where women aren’t allowed to drive or vote (although this is supposedly changing in 2015). Typically, this isn’t a very positive sign. Are we really that surprised that they would also mistreat foreign visitors, accuse them of crimes they didn’t commit, then lay bogus charges on them? What the fuck did this guy expect when entering one of the most religiously conservative countries in the world?

I hope this serves as a lesson for any other Muslim thinking of travelling to the country for a pilgrimage: in their eyes, you’re probably worshiping wrong, and they’re going to do something about it.

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    It goes without saying that they can’t even treat their religious brethren with respect; why should we expect that religion will police itself and create the dialog and interaction between faiths we’re continually told will surmount the deadly tempest of doctrinal differences?

    Here’s hoping that Usama Al-Atar sees the light and shrugs off the chains of Islam.

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    Now I’m even less inclined to my mother’s plan of bringing my old and extremely frail grandparents there next year.

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    In this case, I am stay far away from Saudi Arabia.

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    Some are suggesting Mr. Al-Atar may have been attacked in part for being a Shiite worshipping in a country that is not only majority Sunni, but is also occupied with that most oppressive and divisive form of Islam known as Wahabism. It’s also been suggested that it was Saudi Arabia’s religious police that committed the act. I haven’t seen any verification of either point yet, though.

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