TGA Podcast: Episode 149 1/2

After taking a month off from doing Bonus Shows, we’re back for another exciting episode of The Good Atheist Podcast. This week, we feature Right Wing nutjob Cindy Jacobs, the American Cancer Society snubbing non-believers, and finally the pathetic attempt by evangelicals to ‘convert’ the District of Colombia into the ‘District of Christ‘.

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    Totally just went to that site that has that annoying “dong” sound right as you mention…”don’t go there”!! hahahaha..

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    Arianna Jarvis

    Ryan, I’m not trying to be combatative, but I’m wondering how, as a skeptic, you can summariky dismiss the idea of other life. I am in no way a believer of A) other life has found us and been here, or B) that we will ever find any humanoid life. However, as a skeptic, I cannot say there is probably no other life out in the universityverse, because to me, that thinking almost broached on fine tuning. I don’t think we are the only sentient beings possible…and I do not believe that to be conjecture, because I have evidence that sentience from this godless universe is possible: us! I think that if our monkey brains can have evolved from sludge, it is just as conceivable that it could happen or have happened elsewhere, too. Their physics may be completely different…and uninhabitable to us….but I still think it is possible.

    Also, we may not think we have anything to learn from furthering communication with our planet mates…but what if we could help them learn. Maybe even evolve! I think that would be pretty awesome. Then, thousands of years from now, furry lovers (I am not one, FYI…by stint with interspecies romance starts with a crush on darkwing duck, and probably ends with a crush on Raphael) would be petitioning for beastiality laws to change!

    I really want to hold a conversation with a turtle. I bet those bitches are wise! Sorry for any typos…I’m typing on my phone.

    great episode guys. I think I owe you money, though.

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