TGA Podcast: Episode 149

This week, we discuss how Congress passing their Anti-Abortion bill HR 358 (in double-speak, it’s referred to as the Protect Life Act), and how Congress plans on launching an ‘investigation’ into Planned Parenthood. Don’t miss out!

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    W00T! Was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to listen to during my lunch today!

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    A couple things…

    1. Why is cunt considered such a taboo? Maybe I watch too much British TV becuase I don’t get it, seems on par with fuck to me.
    2. When does my membership expire?
    3. What happened to Jeff? I want him back, and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

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    She Fights Like A Girl

    Ugh. Saying it’s okay to use “pussy” as an insult because it’s okay to use “dick” as an insult is like saying it’s okay to use “nigger” as an insult because it’s okay to use “honky” as an insult. You are not a member of the [historically] oppressed group being used to mock, so as much as I hate the phrase, you “just don’t get it.”

    Aside from that, it’s childish, and demotes the level of any conversation, even when we’re all just havin’ fun. You call me a “fuckin’ pussy” and I’m going to think less “what a misogynist!” and more “what are you, 12?”

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    MIRROR neurons. MIRROR neurons. Not motor neurons. MIRROR.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Yeah, I realized that a few days after recording it. Consider it a brain fart more than a lack of knowledge about what they are.

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