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Hi gang,

I’ve been promising you videos for a little while, and I’m happy to report that I’ve begun working on them as we speak. The only problem I have so far, is that I need more raw film footage and pictures of Moses for a “Bible Story” that I’m compiling. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find much in the way of royalty-free video, and I kind of don’t want my hard work to be taken down because of bullshit copyright laws (copyright laws weren’t designed for the Internet age, I’m afraid).

If you’re familiar with all the rules, and you want to help out, please drop me a line!

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    What exactly do you need?

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    C Conti

    Here is a little trick you can use.

    In google type this in the search box (the entire line):

    intitle:”index.of” (avi|mov|flv|wmv)

    Then enter your search terms. To increase chances of finding what you are looking for, add this at the end:

    -jpg -gif -html -htm -php -jsp -txt

    Also, your search tem should use .periods. instead of spaces so that a search for “moses on the mountain” would look like this:

    intitle:”index.of” (avi|mov|flv|wmv) moses.on.the.mountain -jpg -gif -html -htm -php -jsp -txt

    Things to note:
    1) What this basically says is “look in the index of servers for files of a certain type (video in your case)

    2) You can add any extension separated by the |pipe| for the files you need

    3) The -gif -htm part means “do not return files like those” so your results will be more likely to be videos.

    Hope it works.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Well, I have to bit a bit more careful, since my videos are extremely offensive.

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    C Conti

    If you mean being careful of other browsing your repository of videos, what you can do is place a password on the directory (as long as the videos are not embedded in a web page. Use one directory for live videos and one for private ones).

    In regards to my post above, I forgot to mention that the purpose was to help you find suitable videos to use in your own. As long as you keep the length of the clips you use below a certain number of seconds, it is considered “Fair use”.
    However, be also aware that religionists have been slamming copyright violation complaints against other youtubers to get them off the air. Seems like youtube is getting wiser to the tactic but it’s largely an automated system biased toward the complainer.

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