Woman, thou art crazy

Ladies, ready to start bawling your eyes out for no apparent reasons? Ready to be told that some magical father figure in the sky gives a shit about you and your fucking problems? Then come to “Women, thou art loosed”, a seminar designed exclusively for women.

“People look at you like you’re crazy, like you’ve lost your mind…I don’t expect you to understand my problem”

That’s the common language of the poor and oppressed, and if there’s one thing religious institutions love to do, it’s going after that “demographic”. If you’re poor, here’s a novel idea: stop sending all your money to rich preachers!

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    Every single one of these hacks with a delivery like that is a Marjoe Gortner wannabe. And Gortner turned out to be a self-deluding fraud, just like these people are. And these preachers live what their audience considers a useful, worthwhile life…

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