Happy Turkey Weekend

If you’re a Canuck like me, then you’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving Day this weekend. I’ll be stuffing my face full of holiday goodies this weekend, inevitably lamenting my figure while gloriously binging on pecan pie. Hopefully I won’t come out of it with Type 2 Diabetes, but who knows…

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    Pecan pie? Why not pumpkin? I’ve got pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie ice cream, and pumpkin seed oil to drizzle on top. It’s like the turducken of desserts.

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    While its my favourite as well, every year I go to Costco and get one of their mega large pumpkin pies and eat the whole thing myself, not everyone likes pumpkin pie. 🙂

    Still, if you’re going to go for pie Pecan is a great second best. 😀


    As for type 2 diabetes, it sucks. You’re always watching your carb counts and having to make decisions like, “Do I have the cake, the pie, or the ice cream?” In the olden days I’d just get all three, now I can only have one or suffer a nasty sugar headache and risk a coma.

    I suppose if I ran around the block for 40 minutes after eating I’d be okay, when you’re diabetic and you go over your carb limit you have to make sure you use the energy you take in or you’ll suffer for it, but then you just feel all crappy trying to run with a big pile of food in your gut.

    That being said eat another slice of pecan for me, I certainly won’t be having any!

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