Every 2 minutes, a Christian gets scared shitless

Did you know that every 2 minutes, something incredibly graphic happens? The world is a dangerous place folks, and only by scaring the crap out of young teens can we ensure that cars stop smashing into each other, that the poverty and prohibitionism that creates gang violence will fade, and that pregnant women trying to terminate their pregnancies have nowhere to go. After all, the invention of Hell seems like a fantastic way to convince the world that you aren’t a death cult obsessed with torment, torture, and a number of sadistic tendencies masquerading as piety.

(via American Jesus)

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    How disgusting of them to try and be topical with Steve Jobs death in there campaign (the use of the add). Disgraceful.

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    Luc Leblanc

    Okay, this is the typical “The world is horrible therefore Jesus exist” argument that STILL doesn’t makes sense. The alarmist tone is still out of place; violent crimes, road accidents, sexual assaults and even suicides keep on decreasing year after year.

    This video make me beg for a simple question; where was that oh so benevolent and powerful god during those two minutes? Out for a piss break? If he’s unable to stop a single murder (or even a single rape), why should we credit him for anything?

    Oh yeah, I also agree that ripping-off an old Apple ad is distasteful but we need to remember that some Christian people have no creativity (or shame). Good thing they own the metaphorical “Forgiveness” rubber stamp…

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    Tom C

    So, they’re sticking with the tried-and-true methods of trying to scare the shit out of people to get them to come to church. I guess that never worked on me because whenever someone would say “The world is full of horrible and scary things”, I always thought, “You mean the world you think your god created is full of all the things you think it created? And some of those things are horrible? Sounds like an asshole.”

    What’s weird to me is the clip of “world changers” at the end. Most of them weren’t christians by any stretch, and quite a few of them were agnostic at best! Why would you advertise a church, and then use examples of great people that never went to church?! Doesn’t that sort of prove the Atheist point?

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    I wasn’t able to get through it all. The talking heads and their, “oh wow, I just didn’t know. Praise the lord, blah blah blah” was annoying as hell.

    The one thing I did notice though was the whole “Every 2 Minutes – 2 People commit suicide”.

    Was anyone else thinking, “Yeah, and one of them is that unfortunate gay teen who dared to be true to himself until the nearly constant torture and harassment by the upstanding Jesus freaks you’re trying to create caused them to end their own life just to escape the hatred and despair. Way to go assholes, hope your invisible sky zombie is happy with that!”

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    This is their way of using the “Scared Straight” concept to shock people into line. This methodology is about promulgating the religious laws; the Jesus part actually takes a back seat, because the focus of these events is on following their rules, which supposedly curbs all of the evils they focus on. The people that go to these things don’t sit through a mass, where they see the rituals, and then get to decide. They get fed a line of bullcrap about how evil is a function of Satan and the Christian story of “man’s fallen nature”, and then they are fed the similarly bullcrap answer to evil, which is to follow their rules, pray, and go to church. It starts with the control aspect.

    Also note how they say teenage girls “suffer an abortion”, as if it’s an act committed on them by a criminal.

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