TGA Podcast: Episode 147

This week, we talk about a new book on Sarah Palin called The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, An NPR interview with C. Peter Wagner, and a study that tries to answer the question “why do some people learn faster than others?” Don’t miss out.

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    Joshua Higginson

    I’m off from school, ill, and had nothing to do. Finally, something exciting!

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    Mr. Pink

    Disagree with your take on that NPR interview. Non-confrontational approach allowed to draw Wagner out and let him demonstrate all his nuttiness to the world. Lobbing grenades at him wouldn’t accomplish anything.

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    Are you serious, “fortunely Sarah P didn’t get on the hospital board because she wanted to stop abortion” ARE YOU SERIOUS! That darn Palin wanted to keep baby’s from dieing, wow. Its amazing how people think now days. Goes to Show the bible is right once again, People will call evil good and good evil. Get real!

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    They are being real. Fetuses != babies.

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    I think that this phrase from the show will stick with me, even if I’ve changed the phrasing in my memory at this point:

    Illiterate morons shall inherit the earth!

    Couple of thoughts on finding new blogs to watch.
    Check out this link:
    I don’t know if you’re a fan of Tim Farley, but I tend to like his stuff. He’s coming mostly from a Skeptic perspective, rather than an Atheist perspective, but there is overlap. Article describes and links to several aggregators.

    Also, in Google Search, you can use the Search tools in the left part of the screen to limit the search to a time frame. Rather than complaining about content from 2007, use the Google Search tools to remove older content. 🙂

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