Dawkins debates the origin of the moon with O’Reilly

I still can’t tell whether or not Bill O’Reilly actually believes that God himself created the moon. Considering he’s an opportunist trying to appeal to his geriatric base that thinks an invisible man in the sky made the whole Universe just for them to retire in, I give it a 50/50 chance he’s simply full of shit. Hey, it’s either that or he’s a gigantic moron. Which one is more desirable?

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    AHA! The children! Won’t anyone think about the children?! They should be taught fear and hatred for everyone different from them and to believe that a magic sky daddy is secretly directing the whole show. That’s what I was taught and look how great that’s working out for me!

    The stupid! It burns!!!

    I think Bill O’Reilly is just a decent manipulator who plays directly to his target demographic, but then I’m a cynical, godless, heathen. What do I know?

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    How can Bill-O say that he’s for teaching children to ‘believe’ in science, and then just minutes later openly dismiss a scientific theory for no good reason. You’d think someone would call him on this glaring contradiction. But then again it’s Fox news, hypocrisy and the dismissal of reality is just another day at the office.

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    *puts on his best Admiral Akbar voice*

    It’s a trap!


    Nice bit of reporting there Bill, let’s just forget all about the book Dawkins is there talk about and take some cheap shots.

    Though Dawkins should not have let Bill side track the conversation. He should have firmly stated that he had been invited on to the show to talk about his book (I doubt his publisist requested it) and that he did not appreciate this attempt to ambush him on air. If he wants to set up another interview to talk about something else, there is a process to do this. Now, can we talk about the reason I am on here please?

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    Bill makes me sick.

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    When Bill said the he believes religion is a constraint against violence and evil, Dawkins should have slapped him and said “Hitler!”.

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    Jake, he’s vile in my book, too. Also, I chuckled when Bill’s “gotcha” question only showed his imbecility. So Dawkins has a supposed agenda because he is “targeting” juveniles with his new book and teaching them the concept of reality and how to determine what is real via Science, but when people like O’Reilly are the ones targeting juveniles with their holy books, teaching them allegorical mythology which has almost no basis in fact, it is determined as acceptable. O’Reilly is quite the thinker! People like O’Reilly only care for Science when it’s interpreted to support claims they make.

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    I got that book when Dawkins came to Miami and gave a speach… I shook his hand….heheheh

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    B.J. Price

    Gosh, thanks for mentioning the book Bill.
    And lucky you James! Enjoy the book, i’m sured it is filled with Pol Potisms, Stalin amoebas and lots of atheistic killing. Why, oh why, did he go on the O’Reilly show?

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    She Fights Like A Girl

    He’s been on BillO’s show many times. As someone who has seen all the debates, the second someone brings up “you know who else was an atheist? Stalin!” my eyes just roll out of my head.

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    dawkins is a genius.
    bill however is as smart as a box of hair.

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