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Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been posting less on TGA. While laziness is a factor, TGA is actually going through a major redesign. Apart from a graphic overhaul, we’ll be introducing a Forum, more detailed Podcast pages (with notes, hyperlinks, and other cool stuff), and a host of new content! We’re working frantically to get all of this done before the New Year, just in time for the End Times. Isn’t that peachy?

If you have suggestions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. Your feedback is an integral part of the direction we want to take with the site. It’s for you guys, after all!

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    For the forum aspect, if you’re going to include the ability to use a signature, I’d recommend that it’s size be 800×150 maximum. I’ve seen forums where signatures take up half the page, and it’s not pretty.

    Also I hope that there will be as little censorship as possible in regards to what is allowed to be posted on the forums. Speech-wise anyway, obviously nobody is going to object to a ban on pornographic images for example.

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    An Atheist

    Ummmm… More content is all I want.

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    Carlin Liao

    I’m still amused that your blog post was about site changes, followed by “Spread the Outrage”. About the changes to the site, I presume?

    I’d recommend changing that.

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