Nintendo Jesus

A fan found this article on Kotaku of a woman who supposedly found the image of Jesus on her old Nintendo. Truly it’s a message of hope for all of you gamers out there who worry that the “King of Kings” doesn’t approve of your lifestyle.

A Maryland woman said she was surprised to find what appears to be an image of Jesus Christ on the top of a used Nintendo Entertainment System she purchased on eBay for $US31 this week.

“We were inspecting it for cracks/damage and when we turned it just right into the light, the image showed up,” she said. “Our reaction was mainly curiosity at first. Then as we looked at it closer and ruled out what it couldn’t be, we began to get excited about it.”

They should be excited: think of how much money they can sell this console for now! Some gullible idiot paid $28,000 for a partially digested “Virgin Mary” grill-cheese sandwich, and that thing had to be encased in plastic to ensure it wouldn’t disintegrate into nothingness. Think of how much bread a hard-core Christian gamer will fork out for this piece of Jesus Junk? It’ll be way more than 31 bucks, I can guarantee you that!

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