Pope attempts to recruit German bigots

Over the weekend, the Pope arrived in Germany on a tour designed to try and recruit Protestants and other estranged Christians who have grown tired of their religion’s increasing acceptance of homosexual marriage.

Knowing, too, the value of family and marriage, we as Christians attach great importance to defending the integrity and the uniqueness of marriage between one man and one woman from any kind of misinterpretation,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “Here the common engagement of Christians, including many Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Christians, makes a valuable contribution to building up a society equipped for the future.”

You wouldn’t want marriage to be “misinterpreted” by allowing your fellow human beings to enjoy the same rights as everyone else, right?. This could send a dangerous message of acceptance and tolerance that the Catholic Church has vowed to combat.

A society equipped for the future – according to these assholes- is one where gays and lesbians are marginalized and clearly not worthy of the same rights as heterosexuals. The Bible tells them so, and even though they’ve chosen to ignore all the other laws that make it a sin to eat bacon or to wear clothing made of two different fabrics, the ones they focus on tend to provide theological justification for whatever ignorant bullshit they’re trying to peddle.

I find it hilarotragic (my new word for anything both tragic and hilarious) that an organization that shelters thousands of child rapists has the audacity to claim to have society’s best interest in mind. I think their long history of repression, abuse and murder severely undermines this idea. I encourage the Catholic Church to keep fighting against the civil rights of gay people; it’ll be just one more reason for people to abandon their fucking nonsense.

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    Still trying to infringe upon people’s rights to freedom of religion? Pretty sad. There are better causes out there. Occupy Wall Street. You want to fuck the Pope? Attack the corporate giants who feed him.

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    They are welcome to there freedom of religion.
    Just as we are welcome to our freedom of speech.

    Also why would a Canadian care about your American problems on wall street?

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    bob moynihan

    Ummm… Goldenarm? Freedom of religion means you have the right to believe whatever bullshit you want. It doesn’t mean you’re immune from being told it’s bullshit by people that don’t share your delusions.

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    Tammy DeWael

    hilarotragic is my new favorite word – it just says it so well

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