Jesus Camp 2: Singapore Edition

Remember Becky Fisher? She’s the nutjob behind Jesus Camp, and while that terrible nightmarish camp was shut down following the movie, it appears that she hasn’t slowed down one bit. Here she is in Singapore doing the exact same shtick, with the added element of “teaching” kids how to raise the dead. She also has them pray for America to be “changed”: it seems she’s rather unsatisfied with “democracy” and its tendency to allow everyone a voice (she’s a much bigger fan of the way Islam does things in the Middle East).

While she’s kept a low profile since 2006, it appears that she’s merely moved away from the media’s attention and has continued her ceaseless quest to make children more ignorant about the world with this crazy nonsense.

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    I had to stop watching at about a minute in. One, who believes for any minuscule length of time that someone can be brought back from the dead, especially due to prayer or laying of hands? I’m not talking about someone that dies and is revived via medical means or due to other physical processes. This is simply sickening. I feel very sorry for these children and others like them.

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    Then you missed the bit where she tells the kids they can bring their pets back from the dead (as long as they only just died, not died 10 years ago) and that they can do all the miracles Jesus performed too. Maybe if they become illusionists they could…

    This is so fucked up.

    On to part two.

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    Michael Vester

    Still the same Becky Fisher. Hard to say if she is crazier because she kind of set the standard in 2006. Like Pat Robinson, once she starts shitting her pants and drooling uncontrollably, her handlers will stop any more public appearances.

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    Those are some pretty sweet super powers. She’s building up an army of X-Men

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    It’s perhaps one thing if it’s Marjoe Gortner’s sideshow act roping in grown adults. It’s something much more sinister if it’s a similar sheister – one who appears to seriously believe, unlike Gortner – doing this to children, especially by way of parental enlistment. What only adds to the ugliness of this is that she’s gone global with her “ministry” to infect impressionable young minds elsewhere with Christian Zionism.

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    I had to stop watching it about a minute in too. It’s just sickening. These kids are going to walk out of here thinking that it’s alright for someone to die because they can just bring them back by praying.

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    I have hope for some of these kids. The ones who eventually realize that they and the others were essentially brainwashed by asshole adults will be the best-prepped to talk against them in the future.

    But yes, very sad for all the others.

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