German legislators plan to boycott Pope’s speech

When abuse allegations started popping up against the Catholic Church, Germany was one of those countries that, like Ireland, had suffered mightily at the hands of the clergy. When they opened up a hotline for victims of sexual abuse, they received 2700 calls after only 3 days. The Vatican, aware that it’s about as popular as mouth herpes, is setting off to Germany in a vain attempt to discuss how Protestants and Catholics can “work together”. While the Chancellor urged Germans to be wary of the growing “trend” of secularism, the ones with their heads still screwed on tight have decided to boycott the Pope’s visit out of protest that it violates the separation of Church and State in the country. Officials speaking on the behalf of the Vatican had this to say:

“The parliamentarians ought to consider how this will look from abroad,” Walter Brandmueller, who is German, told the mass-circulation daily Bild.

“They’ll boost the image of the ‘ugly Germans,’ which sadly still exists,” the cardinal added.

Yeah, pulling out the Nazi card isn’t the greatest idea when you were willing to forge an alliance with them (also, excommunicating Hitler would be a good start). Besides, why do they always seem shocked when some people don’t feel like going to their little parties? Recall that their current “mascot” sheltered known pedophiles from prosecution (as did his predecessor), and has done nothing to purge the organization of pederasts. What a surprise that no one wants to show them any support.

Here’s the core problem folks: the Catholic Church, more than any other religious organization, seems to have a serious pedophile problem within their ranks. Because of their rather disturbed idea of celibacy and sexual repression, Catholic priests don’t properly develop their sexual maturity, often staying in a child-like state. Obviously it’s not the sole reason the Church has such an infestation, since their strict rules about secrecy is an attractive options for pederasts hoping to avoid jail time. And while the Vatican may deny these allegations, you don’t see any other organization going to the same lengths they do to protect child rapists; withholding evidence, paying off families to stay quiet and moving around offending priests when accusations arise is not the kind of behavior we would tolerate from ANY other private or public institutions. Yet when these same assholes make a trip to a foreign country and get the cold shoulder, they act surprised that not everyone welcomes them with open arms.  The funny thing about people is that they tend to get upset when you start fucking their kids. Go figure!

Can we just jail these fuckers and call it a day already?

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    David Simmons

    I’m all for Hitler’s excommunication, but it’s a bit hard to do when the Pope himself was a Hitler Jugend (along with many others). Somehow it wouldn’t ring true. The church is a morally bankrupt institution. Would that they were financially bankrupt as well. But they still have that huge cache of Jewish riches they got from the Nazis. Oh well, what’s an atheist to do?

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    Does anyone else see the link that by DENYING secularism, one is clearly advocating (whether explicitly stating such) for a theocracy? In what universe has this EVER been a prosperous venture? These pompous nitwits simply wish to harm, not heal, not cure. I enjoy asking the religious if they actually BELIEVE that a theocracy would be better than a [modern] democracy? They typically state the obvious; “no”–with some hesitation. We do not teach the proper kind of history, in my opinion.

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    Running with my previous thoughts on the matter; why don’t churches (protestant or catholic) just come out and tell their ilk exactly what they want? Because they know just as well as their ‘brethren’ do that the word “theocracy” is far too analogous to unchecked and irresponsible control.

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    What the catholic church wants? That we ignore the increasing cases of child sexual abuse made by their priests and the cover up done by the church and welcome them with open arms like there’s nothing bad going on? Really? The catholic church have the nerve to be shocked because they are not being welcome anymore in some countries?

    I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in 2013 when Ratzinger comes to pay us a visit in Rio de Janeiro, considering the percentage of catholics in Brazil decreased to 68,4% between 2003 and 2009 (it’s a lot considering in the end of the 19th century almost 100% of the brazilian population was catholic)

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    In a sense the cardinal is right: they should “consider how this will look from abroad”

    and I think boycotting the pope will look pretty good to a lot of people, whereas the fawning deference visits to the UK or Spain seem to have brought out are reason to be ashamed.

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    “Can we just jail these fuckers and call it a day already?”

    Yes, please! Here in Kansas City, we have another brand new case of Catholic pedophilia, in which a priest was caught taking pictures up girls’ skirts in chapel, taking naked pictures of children, and molesting some of the girls. Surprise, surprise, church officials tried to cover it up. Police eventually seized the sicko’s laptop and got a nasty lapful of evidence. This just happened…the Catholic church is not even trying to stop these monsters from raping children! They’re still engaging in public relations tactics rather than firing the culprits and cooperating with criminal investigations. This goes all the way to the Hitler-loving top. Thank you for an intelligent boycott, Germans.

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    “Thank you for an intelligent boycott, Germans.”
    Sadly, this hardly is the right thing to say. We are talking about a hundred MPs out of a total of over 600. In other words: The majority of this elected bunch of – well I don’t want to be too harsh, but let me put it this way: ignorants – seemingly doesn’t feel too shocked about this disgrace of our very constitution that proclaims the separation of state and church and the principle of religious neutrality. Additionally, those who chose to stay away from that shameful event have to face great hostility and antagonism not only from representatives of the catholic church but also from their fellow politicians, even from members of their own parties!! It’s truly a disturbing evolution that is taking place in Germany right now with our highest politicians trying to re-establish the primitive goals of the catholic church in the people’s minds.
    Best regards, a German atheist

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