New fossil discovery makes my day

The difference between science and other supposed “types” of knowledge that make similar claims about the universe can be illustrated with this cool new discovery: a team of archaeologists working in South Africa have found a fossil of a possible ancestor. The physical attributes of Australopithecus sediba suggests that it may be a direct ancestor rather than an unsuccessful offshoot. This discovery could (and this is the important part here) change our understanding of our own past as a species.

This offers yet another opportunity for science to correct itself, to refine our understanding of the history of life on earth. That’s fucking exciting. That makes my day. It should make all of our days, but it doesn’t. For a significant portion of the American population, this discovery is either irrelevant, unimportant, or a threat. The need for people to feel important and relevant in an uncaring universe has blinded them from a deeper and much more interesting possibility: that our existence, while impressive to ourselves, is the result of the same laws of physics that are universal. If we exist long enough to contemplate the Cosmos, then we cannot be the only ones who have, are, or ever will. How more exciting is this than “Super Ape-in-the-Sky did it”?

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    To put it lightly… this would be an incredible find!!!!

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    Ricky Waters

    Hey Jacob,

    This is your #1 “sycophantic” fan. This is a very good article, I’ve been reading about it.

    Can you take some time in the next show to elaborate a little more about why these types of discoveries are important, and how these types of discoveries are a demonstration of the fact that science is constantly evolving.


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    See! This is just you atheists changing your story again! If you believed the Bible you’d know that there is only one truth and it never changes!


    Oh wait, correcting yourself is a good thing? It means you’re not tied up in brain bending cognitive dissonance trying to justify a stupid dogma that doesn’t make sense? It means that your understanding of reality and ability to describe and predict it improves continuously rather than simply making an assertion and sticking with it? Oh… in that case, carry on.

    Damn… I was so tempted just to leave my first paragraph up there and leave, but I can’t even PRETEND to be that gullible.

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