TGA Podcast: Episode 145

We answer a letter from a fan discussing if any ‘proof’ of God would satisfy us, discuss how Sam Harris lost fans for having economic opinions and expose Seven Mountain Dominionism.

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**NOTE: I mispronounce Dominionism, but I blame my shitty brain for that mistake.

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    Anonymous Atheist

    Glad to see another episode… but I must point out that you seem to have lost a syllable: the word is ‘dominionism’, rather than ‘dominism’. 😉

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    Jacob Fortin

    To many “n” and “o” in that one. Hilarious.

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    It’s kinda a minor point, but I have to take issue with you referring to people moving their money out of the country during the Argentine crisis as a “robbery”. Argentina had a full-tilt economic/debt/monetary meltdown that had been building for years, and finally lots of people (not just the uber-rich) converted and moved their money offshore, as they had every right to do. That’s not “robbing” anyone, it’s called protecting yourself. How can it be a robbery when it’s your own money?

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    Random Chance

    Dominism….do you mean dominionism?

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