Worst Dating Service Ever

You’re a gay man, unfortunate enough to be born in the insane cult of Orthodox Judaism. One day, you make the mistake of actually telling someone like Rabbi Arele Harel about your sexual orientation and your desire to start a family. His solution, as you might have guessed, is just about the worst idea anyone can have: He sets you up with a lesbian stuck in the same cult:

Potential candidates email Harel, who meets with them to assess if they are emotionally ready to be fixed up. Harel then picks a suitable match and introduces the parties. They are put in touch with therapists who are to assist them in their new life. Once they are married, they each pay around $400 for Harel’s service.

“The main aspiration here is parenthood,” said Harel, 36, from his home in the Jewish West Bank settlement of Shilo. “It allows them to become parents in a way that is permitted by religious Jewish law and prevents a conflict between their religious world and their sexual world.”

Summary: if your sexuality conflicts with your Bronze Age religion, then the problem is you, not your antiquated beliefs. All you need to do sacrifice your happiness and desires in order to fulfill the expectations of your family and friends who can’t accept who you are.

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    Jeffrey Jones

    This is fucking stupid. How about trying to match gays and lesbians with ‘compatible’ people, we pair them with a compatible belief (or to be precise – non belief) system.

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    It’s just so unbelievable how ignorant these people are and it’s scary how much they just want to remain ignorant. Can we please leave the beliefs of some idiots from thousands/hundreds of years ago behind and move on into the modern world now?

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    Jeannie Z

    I don’t understand the rage here. It seems like these gay and lesbian orthodox jews are voluntarily enlisting the service of this rabbi to help them start a family; albeit a potentially dysfunctional one. It’s not like the rabbi in question is making them change their sexual orientation. You may not agree with their religious beliefs but you should at least respect the fact that the rabbi isn’t condemning their homosexuality. Seriously, I don’t know why you’re so upset by this.

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