So close, yet so far away

I do like the effort by this priest to ridicule creationism in the light of modern science. But while he ridicules these beliefs, he seems completely oblivious to the stupidity of his own dogma. Hey pal, there are some people who believe that a 2000 year old failed Jewish carpenter is actually a God too, and the rest of us think that’s just stupid. We’re glad that you exposed the utter inanity of creationism, but I can see by that collar on your neck that you still have a lot to learn about objective reality (not to mention the fun stuff you haven’t done yet, like shagging).

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    Given that this is a UK programme, the chap in question is probably Anglican, so he can have sex and get married.

    Also, if I were fighting to get creationism out of schools, I wouldn’t want to kick this guy off the team because we disagree about something else.

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    Nathan Reese

    I agree, sometimes you need to have some allies that you don’t agree with on everything. If evolution was as understood and accepted as gravity and heliocentric theory, a lot of those people would lose their faith.

    They’ve admitted that they don’t think evolution is compatible with their religion, so they’re not too far from being an atheist.

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    Haha, I swear this guy is like an insider Atheist; slowly showing people the light of realism

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    Tony Ryan - Coffee Loving Skeptic

    Thanks for linking to the video I uploaded 😀

    More skepticism, critical thinking and evidence based thought might cure us of the Religion Virus!

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