Rick Perry on Abstinence

So, according to this uneducated redneck madman, it doesn’t seem to matter whether or not abstinence works. It’s far more important that due to his old fashioned beliefs, kids should not be taught the safest ways to have sex.

Watch him struggle to answer even the most basic facts concerning the total ineffectiveness of abstinence. Who needs evidence when you have blind belief? Here’s a man so fantastically ignorant, he makes George W. Bush look like Albert Einstein. America, is it just me or are your political candidates getting dumber by the second? I thought Bachmann was bad. How did you manage to find someone even crazier than that stupid bitch so quickly?

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    Well Jake we are dipping only into the GOP’s swimming pool right now. I will agree with him though when you aren’t fucking you aren’t getting STDs or preggers, the fact is abstinence only has never been an effective teaching method. After all we are just retarded ape cousins, and fucking is one of the things we excell at over the majority of the animal kingdom. He was at least smart enough to say “I don’t know”, but it’s as if the idiot side of him was like ‘oh fuck that was smart, got to fix that’ and followed with steroids in school are such a weak problem trying to find students on them is just as a waste of money.

    I am so damn glad I got out of that state, and if I lived there I would have voted for kinky Friedman when he ran for Gov.

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    I think it’s worth noting that – ahem – Governor Perry very wordlessly appeared to admit that the abstinence dollars aren’t being well spent. I wonder why that is if the faith-based organizations, who peddle that claptrap in the first place, are where the conservatives tell us that tax money should be going. You need only look at the results of these outfits who want to shame everyone into bowing their heads in deference to them: They fail miserably at what they themselves are animated to do. They waste tax money fist over fist, and what we get for it is blood red states full of pregnant teens, whose parents keep electing the idiots that make the problem worse. But the only refrain you’ll ever hear from them is how godly and untaxed they are, while them evil liberals horde taxes in other states and have lower divorce and teen pregnancy.

    As humanity proves time and time again, the actual do-gooder never goes without his/her just contempt. It pisses me off liberals – heck they’re barely even liberals anymore – are so inept at making their case against these cretins.

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    Ricky Perry, true, is an imbecile. Yes, abstinence is 100% effective WHEN it’s being practiced. So, what’s the problem? Clearly abstinence is not a practical method of the prevention of those things acquired from having sex. So, the question: does abstinence education (only) work? No, it does not. It’s that simple. The primary problem with Perry is that his motivation seems to stem from religion and we all know how well that tends to address problems.

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    Thomas Everett

    Don’t worry. Rick will fix all future question problems by only being interviewed on Faux News and Limbaugh, etc. No more embarrassing blank looks when you only answer agreed upon questions. Tom

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    Even as someone firmly entrenched in the left wing, I can’t help feeling sorry for the fiscal conservatives who are having what should be their party of choice hijacked by these morons. The Republicans are supposed to be about small government, reducing regulations, cutting taxes and so on, but they’ve undergone this Jekyll and Hyde thing and are becoming a collection of galloping loonies. As Jake mentioned, the current crop of republican candidates are making G.W.B look like a safe bet. Be afraid be very afraid.

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    It freaks me out that he doesn’t seem to think that teen pregnancy is a problem. At all.

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    are you kidding? give me two more weeks and I’ll find someone 5 times as crazy as Perry. America is secretly one giant mental institution.

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    Yet another spectacular example of stubborn blind faith overriding all mental faculties.

    I love the rare examples like this when you see the cognitive dissonance required to hold on to idiotic beliefs break out and become apparent to the believer. He really had a “moment” there.

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