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My vacation is over, and I’m back in Montreal for the next few months to really knock TGA out of the park. There’s going to be lots of changes, but all of them are going to be awesome. We’re going to be upping the quality of everything to entice every one to become a member. So, if you were starting to suffer from serious withdrawal, the good news is that a new batch of “crack” is being brewed as we speak. See you soon!

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    Excellent, the withdrawal was getting painful.

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    Gary Henderson

    I was beginning to wonder if:
    A. I somehow became unsubscribed.
    B. Jacob had been killed by radical fundamentalists (take your pick of what ilk) and yet somehow I’d missed the news!!
    Fucking A, man! The only way I got ALMOST a month off when I was working was when my father died!! Must be nice… 😛
    Just kidding, now I’m one of those “lazy” unemployed bastards (along with 13+ million others) who have loads of time on my hands and no money to do anything.
    ANYWAY . . . I’m glad you’re back, Jacob. Hope you had a kick ass wonderful vacation! I’ll be doubly glad when the new podcast goes up.
    Of course I’ll have to break out of this rehab clinic I’ve had to go to in order to download it ! 😀
    “Hi everyone. My name is Gary and I’m a TGA addict…”

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    Welcome back, now feed me my crack 😀

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