Could you possibly have more shit on your car?

Somebody please tell me that this guy is breaking some kind of bylaw with all this crazy shit on his car…Only 5 Jesus fish on the back? I got 10 bucks that says he has 10 more distributed around this monstrosity he calls a vehicle.

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    Some of that looks photoshopped. What’s going on with the hood of the grey/silver car on the right for example.

    He may well have enough visability out the back window. The side mirrors are the most important.

    However, this car probably does as if bits of that start coming loose on the freeway it constitutes a hazard to other road users.

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    Oh… so tempting to add little legs to the fish symbol to change it to the evolution one.

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    Sterling Knight

    At least he didn’t ruin a good looking car.

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    While I don’t condone defacing other people’s property I’m willing to bet you could stick a brand spankin’ new Darwin fish, with the word Darwin spelled out inside it, bringing the number of “fish” up to six and they wouldn’t even notice for a few days.


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    I actually kinda like it. Don’t know about rear-visibility though. Must have trouble parallel parking…

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    Who need rear-visibility when Jesus saves but “Eagle men wait on the holy lord”. WTF?

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    Wow! That is the sort of vehicle I don’t want to follow too closely. Someone who would do that probably drives with their eyes closed while their “god” guides them.

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    Jesus, help this moron crash their van because they filled all every possible point of view with stupid messages about you!

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    sorry Jacob off topic but had to share

    Pope gets rained out? could be a sign from god. lolz 😉

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    I mean this when I say that, if that is a real image (there is a non-authentic quality to it), that person could have some serious mental problems. I don’t say this to merely poke at religion; I’m saying this person could be unstable mentally in some way. Displays of this nature are often symptomatic of certain conditions. One key is the wording that appears not even to relate to Christian dogma, namely the frankly hilarious “eagle men” (unless I happen to have missed that one at some point in my religious upbringing). Again, if this is real, that owner should get an appointment with a psychiatrist.

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    “Are you also a real dragon slayer?”

    lmao. This has to be fake. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were real, but I am hoping it’s fake.

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    If this was taken in St. Louis, then it’s for real. I’ve seen either this same van or one very much like it in St. Louis.

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    It probably belongs to that idiot who makes Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.

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