Francis Collins thinks atheists improperly use science

I’ve never understood scientists who are also believers. Sure, you can argue that science is a way of understanding the natural world, and that God (by their own definition, of course) exists outside of these laws. This is the idea that both science and faith can co-exist peacefully. You may have heard of the term NOMA (non-overlapping magisteria), first coined by Stephen J. Gould. It’s the rather incorrect assumtion that somehow the two deal with entirely different realities.

Francis Collins is a head of the National Institute of Health, formerly the head of the US Human Genome Program. He’s also an evangelical Christian, convinced that there is no incompatibility between the belief in a Christian God and the Theory of Evolution. He also thinks that “angry atheists” like Steven Pinker are attempting to use the scientific theory to demonstrate its incompatibility with the notion of an all powerful creator God.

“angry atheists are out there using science as a club to to hit believers over the head.” He expressed concern that prominent researchers suggesting that one can’t believe in evolution and believe in God, may be “causing a lot of people not familiar with science to change their assessments of it.”

Yeah, don’t you hate when people “hit you over the head” with reality? How dare we reject the idea of an improvable supernatural entity that leaves no evidence of its existence? Why can’t we all believe and stop ruining their good time?
Hilariously enough, Collins has actually rejected NOMA in the past, arguing that in many cases the two do overlap. And then the man wonders why we bother fighting against his irrational ideas…

Here’s the think about evolution and God: they AREN’t compatible. If you agree that evolution is true, then you admit that the process is undirected, the result of chance mutations that give their genetic carriers a greater chance to leave offspring. It’s a process of gradual change influenced by the forces of nature, not the will of a deity. Sad believers like Ken Miller attempt to explain this inconvenient fact with the childish notion that the process was “directed” in some invisible way, but this only serves to show God as an incompetent fool who leads the majority of his creation to extinction.

Evolution explains how we came to be without the need for the added hypothesis of a creator. Any scientists who truly understands evolution and who still believes in God has done so only because the two are compartmentalized. I’m sure Collins can still do good science, but he still believes in two incompatible ideas, and no amount of “comfort” with is beliefs will change reality.

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    I’ve never heard anyone call Steven Pinker an “angry atheist” before. He seem very calm and collected to me.

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    Jamie Selby

    I suppose NOMA could be done – but to do so, youd have to reject all explanations of the natural world that involve the supernatural , if someone wants to say that they have a god – but accept that if it is strictly supernatural they cant say anything about how it interacts with the natural world… i guess i dont have any problems

    the problem is when people say their supernatural god does stuff in the natural world (and that the naturalistic explanations are wrong)

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    Jim House

    I totally agree that science and religion can not be at one and the same side! They just exclude eachother! This is a fact and is not under discussion!

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    You absolutely cannot believe in Evolution and be a Xtian – the original sin of Adam and Eve is fundamental to christ’s “sacrifice” (he was up and about three days later of course…)

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