Ethics Classes under fire in Australia

A few month ago, the government had promised to introduce “Ethic Classes” for students in Aussie schools that refused to take the mandatory religious education lessons. Since that time, the government has been trying to cap wage increases for government employees, and a clever politician by the name of Fred Nile is using this opportunity to pressure the government into torpedoing the Ethics Classes in exchange for his help passing this bill. So far, he’s described the response from his own government as “very positive” (not a good sign). He’s also got a few of his own “wacky” bills he wants to pass as well:

While he would not say which were being discussed, they include bills to repeal legislation allowing same-sex adoption, to ban the possession of X-rated films and to ban alcohol advertising. ”That co-operative spirit is well and truly in place,” Mr Nile said.

So, if Nile gets his way, children will be forced to take religion classes even when they have no religious affiliation, gays will no longer have the same rights as everyone else, porn will be made illegal (how the fuck would that work anyways?), and advertising billboards get a lot less sexy.

Don’t you just love the way these old fuckfaces keep on sending us racing backwards? Forget about trying to make any progress when these dinosaurs are in power. You can’t even get classes about “ethics” without jackasses like Freddy-boy trying every trick in to book to destroy these kinds of initiatives. Good luck, my friends down-under. With guys like this in power, the future looks bright for Christian bigotry!

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    Don’t worry about it. Fred Nile is always up to this kind of crap – everyone just ignores him. He lives in his own fantasy land.

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