Question everything, except your belief in God, of course!

Remember that hilarious “15 questions Evolutionists can’t answer” pamphlet? The people behind this mongrel document have decided to expand their effort and launched a campaign called “question evolution“. Their goal is simple: to make children question one of the best theories in all of science because it conflicts with their limited world view.

The video tries to make people believe that this campaign is really meant to help kids “question everything”, although it’s quite clear from their own mandate that certain specific questions, such as “does God really exist”, are not really encouraged. What they want is the illusion of skepticism, applied improperly and for the sole purpose of undermining science education.

They want you to buy their swag, with is basically the ghost-busters logo but with Darwin instead. They also have a gigantic URL pasted right on the front so anyone similarly stupid can visit their website and learn all about how science isn’t as important as scripture:

By definition, no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the Scriptural record. Of primary importance is the fact that evidence is always subject to interpretation by fallible people who do not possess all information.

Yeah, you wouldn’t want to trust the words of fallible human beings. You’re better off trusting a book that says diseases are caused by demons and that the Universe was created in 6 days.

I’ll give these guys credit: unlike their moderate religious counterparts, they realize that their concept of a creator God conflicts with evolution. The idea that “God guided the process” would reveal the creator as an incompetent fool who kills off the vast majority of the species for no reason. So, given the choice between abandoning their Bronze Age beliefs or continuing to live in a delusional bubble, guess which one they pick?

I love the comment from this guy in South Africa:

I am a lecturer in the Physics department of … University. Last year I put a few copies of the Creation magazine in our tearoom. The next day I found it lying in the rubbish bin! I removed it, dusted it off and put it on the table again. The next day it was in the rubbish bin again!

I dusted it off, and put it on the table, etc …

This happened three days in a row!

Then I got a better idea. Every week I paste copies of the articles in Creation mag on my door, and since my office is next to the tea room, everyone who goes there has to walk past the office door! Now everyone will get to see the articles whether they want to or not! Since it is on my door, no one (so far) has dared to remove it! Thanks so much for this list of 15 questions. It will be on my door very soon! God bless!

I guess he really doesn’t have a fucking clue, does he?

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    There are loads of questions that “evolutionists” (ha!) can’t answer – at the moment. That’d be why biologists (and indeed scientists in general) don’t just say “Well, we know everything – there’s nothing else to find out!”. Just because science doesn’t know everything about a subject, doesn’t mean it’s wrong about it. We may not know how species X has evolved – doesn’t mean the answer is God.
    I agree with the that theories must be constantly questioned – but that’s just good science.

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    Question gravity!! Science can’t explain how we keep our feet on this rock while hurtling through space at over 70,000 miles per hour. Therefore it can only be by the grace of the flying spaghetti monster and his noodly appendages holding us fast to the earth!
    Monster said it! I believe it! That ends it!

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    I like how the video refers to the t-shirts as “thought provoking.” Those designs have certinally provoked some thoughts in me.

    For example:

    – Are there no creationists with a degree in design? That shirt looks like crap.

    – Was the intent behind using a font that no doubt graces more than a few sci-fi enthusiest websites for their URL that people would assume their nonsense be based in science as opposed to fiction?

    – Do christians feel they can half ass things, be it t-shirt design or christian “rock”, and it won’t matter that the end result is terrible, because their god is on their side?

    – Having a No Darwins symbol beside the words “question evolution” is a bit of a mixed message. I know the bible is inconsistant, but if you can’t even present a single idea consistantly in t-shirt format, how can you expect anyone to take you serriously?

    – The “Evolve This!” t-shirt Kristen Wigg wears in the movie ‘Paul’ — featuring a cartoon of Jesus shooting Darwin in the head — is much more entertaining, and something I would consider wearing for the lulz, as opposed to this, which is really just an embarassing mess.

    That’s about it. Even if I was the sort of person who might be swayed by an idea presented in t-shirt format, the seeming lack of effort put into this particular t-shirt is not very inspiring. Of course, there’s probably someone who put a lot of work into this shirt and is very proud of the result. That person is a moron, who should not be allowed to dress their own children.

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    Bradley Blackmere

    The comments on that video are locked down by the creationist chickenshits. Fantasy really can’t stand reality, can it?

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    “– Do christians feel they can half ass things, be it t-shirt design or christian “rock”, and it won’t matter that the end result is terrible, because their god is on their side?”

    Best thing I’ve read all day. Just sayin’. 🙂

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    @TSCD… There’s no force that would send us flying off with the (relatively) empty nature of space. It’s not like flying through air at that speed.

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    If Christians were questioning, there would be none. The whole idea is bizarre.

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    What a one-sided and hypocritical campaign. At least it could easily fall apart. Hopefully.

    The guy in South Africa is such a moron. Just because you paste articles on your door, doesn’t mean people will read it. And if they do, they’re only doing so because:

    – their morons


    – they want to laugh at something stupid

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    Simple response t-shirt: If you think evolution is bunk, stop seeing your doctor.

    See then how many of them are truly willing to take things to the extent they claim.

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