Yeah, I can’t believe this crowd either

Change, even the important kind, takes time. It isn’t easy for people to change their minds, especially when they’ve been told their whole life that [insert minority here] are evil, wicked, bad, or acting against the will of whatever imaginary friend they have.

Afew weeks ago, New York joined the growing list of States that now allow gay couples the same rights as everyone else, and so the “National Organization for Marriage (you may remember them from their “gather stormclouds commercial) and their dear leader Maggie Gallagher organized a rally to protest this.

“So many good people of every race and colour standing up for what’s right”

Where do you even begin? How wonderful that bigotry has united all of these primates of different skin pigmentation, all under the false assumption that allowing gays to marry will somehow affect their lives. Perhaps it will in some way (like needing to accept the reality of homosexual unions for starters), but not enough to justify their own pride in their ignorance.

If it makes you feel a little depressed, just remember that the more progress we do make, the more close-minded bigots will push back. But this is their last hurrah. They are on the wrong side of history. The legacy of hatred they are leaving behind will, with any luck, not be inherited by their descendants. They can try to spew their hateful nonsense all they want, but the tide has already turned. Now we get to witness the sad bigots fight tooth and nail to defend their right to discriminate. It’s just sad.

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    Darren Taggart

    Interesting that the cretinous, oxygen thief isn’t wearing a wedding ring. What man wouldn’t want such an upstanding and righteous wife? Presumably she’s saving herself for some unlucky chap; waiting to further increase the value of marriage for us all.
    We have no more to fear from this disgusting harpy, screaming into the sky than we do from the world’s most righteous woodlouse. We no longer need their approval and it is most glorious in our eyes!

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    Truth and Love will prevail? What a pretentious cunt.

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    “Let the people vote”? Seems to me that polls consistantly show that the majority of New York is in favour of gay marriage.

    I wonder what their rallying cry would be after such a vote proved that their fellows aren’t quite so close minded and bigoted as they’d like to believe.

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    Luc Leblanc

    I love the “people of every race and colour” part; the hypocrisy is so thick I need to cut it with a chainsaw. Half a century ago, marriage made across the colour line and the race spectrum were seen as immoral and unnatural by this very crowd. Asking the “Right” to vote on somebody’s access to equal treatment remembers me the Jim Crow’s laws of the antebellum South.

    Same bigotry, brand new target.

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    Darren Taggart,

    In regard to the no wedding ring, turns out a quick look at Wikipedia shows that Ms. Gallagher is actually married:

    Though in some ways it wouldn’t surprise me if she turned out to be a lesbian.

    Experience over the past few years has shown that the more vehemently anti gay a person is the more likely they are actually gay themselves. I’d have to think they behave that way because they’re ashamed of their own same sex attraction, probably because their imaginary friend tells them to, and are angry that others are so unashamed to embrace their own.

    This now reminds me of a documentary that talked about that, unfortunately I can’t remember the name right now. Anyhow it was all about how some of the most vocal and angry anti-gay people in government who would out of their way to promote an anti-gay agenda were actually closeted gays themselves.

    Perhaps someone else knows whats it called?


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    all they need is some white sheets and hoods.

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    WCLPeter, I think you mean this

    It is interresting film and you see anti-gay people differently after watching it. When you think anti-gay people are closeted gays their rhetoric start to make sense in some level.

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    Yes, marriage should be between a man and a woman. 1) Because is has been ordained by a god of some old testament, not by any son of that god, however. 2) because it isn’t ‘natural’, thus even a union between either a man and woman, either or both of which may be reproductively deprived, is also an abomination! 3) a majority vote should ALWAYS take precedence over such obvious things such as homosexual rights, women’s rights, slavery, etc. Clearly this bigot knows what is right for us all!

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    Putting New York politicians “on notice”, huh? She does realize she is in NY, does she not? She’d be better off yelling at Yosemite’s sheer rock face.

    I listened to Apologia’s most recent podcast, which happened to be about this issue, and the Christian side of this podcast crew just could not help – as much as he tried to remain calm, collected, conciliatory, inclusive, and agreeable – showing the true colors of his beliefs by claiming gays don’t live as long as straight people do, that same-sex households “produce” less prepared children, and that marriage is a sacred union of sorts (when many studies have shown pretty much all marriages succeed or fail based around economic issues). It was funny to hear him try so hard and yet still utterly fail. They try and they try to fit the square peg in the round hole, and they just can’t do it.

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    Amrut the Atheist


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