TGA Podcast: Episode 142

This week, Ryan joins me as we discuss plans for a new creation museum in Idaho, Oprah as the whore of Babylon, and why I can’t stand crybaby kids.

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    Blame Macho Inchworms

    What happened to the picture contest?

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    Kyle Nicholas

    I’m not from Idaho and I’ve never been there, but from what I understand is that it has one of the biggest concentrations of 1. Mormons outside of Utah and 2. white supremacists/neo-Nazis. It does not surprise me that it would be a target for a creation museum. If I didn’t fear the repercussions of the law, I’d find a car and a shitload of fuel, drive over, and “accidentally” start a fire once they got the thing built.
    Great. Now that I’ve said this, if it ever happened, I’d be the first suspect on the FBI hit-list.

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    Hi, Atheists! I’m new to your podcast, but I’m enjoying it! In reference to the AIDS product you were talking about, it has an even more tragic story attached than you speculated… When Gay Related Immune Deficency became AIDS, it spelled the death knell for a fairly successful diet candy/appetite suppresant. It was called Ayds (pronounced Aids). Suddenly their ad lines “Lose weight with Ayds” and “Thank goodness for Ayds” seemed much more ill-advised. Homophones and synchronicity… they can be cruel bitches!

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