Ben Stein is an idiot

Wow, he’s right: Evolution doesn’t explain how gravity works, and it certainly doesn’t explain the second law of thermodynamics. Did you also know Newton’s First Law (the velocity of a body is constant unless another force acts against it) doesn’t explain why Ben Stein thinks he understands what the fuck he’s talking about? It must mean the Theory has no real value. It’s much more logical to assume that God did everything slightly difficult to explain. Who wants to live in a world of quantum indeterminacy? If you’re Ben Stein, all you need to do is jam your fingers in your ears so tightly that it starts to effect blood-flow to your brain, and presto: no more pesky science that makes God look like an incompetent fool.

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    The worst part is that Ben use to be a fairly intelligent guy. His book about Michael Milken’s junk bond exploits in the 80’s (License to Steal) was incredible.

    Then he went a little bat-shit insane. Very sad.

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    Reverend Clint

    funny how a biological theory cant explain a physics law

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    The point of Darwin’s theory wasn’t meant to explain all that, just that shit changes as we go. Also fine if he wants Darwinian Law to explain that, then I want the bible to explain to me why Duke Nukem Forever is a mediocre game.

    That is why we have other sources of information and other theories explaining those you arrogant shit peddling geezer.

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    This cretin used to write speeches for Nixon for heavens’ sakes, he’s an intellectual midget. Believers are very lazy, they can’t think on their own. Because they can’t explain an occurrence, a god has always to be behind it.

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    ben stien is a whore for the religious right

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