This interview is terrible

Wow, talk about not getting it. The lame-stream media is still incapable of actually offering anything worth watching, and this CNN interview with Matthew Chapmann, the director of The Ledge is no exception (if you haven’t gone and “liked” their facebook fanpage, please do so now). If the name sounds familiar, that’s because TGA interviewed him a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to report it beats the living tar out of whatever TV people call interviews these days…

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    I love that she says Atheists are only at like 4% then asks him why he is still one. As if we are doing this to be fucking popular or to fit in, we believe what we do. Just as everyone else believes their bullshit.

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    Marlena Brokob

    Yeah, Harkanin I caught that as disturbing too…then I googled ‘religion statistics of the world’ and website came up saying we (fellow nonbelievers) are third under Christianity and Islam…! Now I have no idea about the creditability of the website but I just thought it was a great illustration of how clueless American’s are to the rest of the world around them…

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