Spam attack!

If some of you are experiencing some problems commenting, that’s because TGA is being bombarded by spammers. We’ve been in communication with the host provider to try and figure out a solution. As of right now, most comments are being sent into “Pending” approval. I’ll try to sort things out, but don’t be surprised if something you wrote doesn’t come up right away. Sorry about that guys, but you do realize that the Internet is largely composed of zombie spam-bots that try to ruin our lives on a daily basis, right? It’s like all the junk DNA in our bodies: most of it is useless, but it manages to not get in the way enough for it to be bred out. So we’re stuck with it.

Stay tuned for an update as to when this gets fixed.

NOTE: It’s working again properly now! So even though the internet is a giant STD sometimes, at least it’s more syphilis than Herpes…

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    I was wondering why it still showed 0 comments on the Austrian guy and the Ledge posting after I commented. Thanks for letting us know.

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