TGA Podcast: Episode 141

This week, we talk about the importance of ritual, and Ryan relates his experience jumping out of an airplane. Don’t miss out!

NOTE: I had to re-upload the file, so a few of you may experience some missing audio. Just download it again and it should work fine.

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    Chris Austin

    Hey, just a heads up your idea for a book is very similar to The Daily Show’s Earth the Book. It is mock written to aliens who show up after humans have gone extinct and explains life on earth with that in mind.

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    Kyle Nicholas

    Awesome episode, and I think you couldn’t have covered this topic at a more fortuitous time. See, I’ve been going through perhaps the darkest, deepest major depressive episode since coming out as an atheist. My mind has been trying to wander towards the supernatural for comfort. My situation, which I won’t go into here (tl;dr: guy troubles; I’m gay, btw) has left me with a feeling of having no ground under my feet. I have no answers, there aren’t any books I can turn to with definite answers (not that the Bible has been any source of comfort to me in the past,) and I keep wanting to reach for the familiar “rituals” I leaned on in my past. I used to read tarot cards and I ching for answers. Now as a skeptic and atheist, I realize that these things don’t really bring answers. Likewise, Jacob, I really feel you when you speak about “slaying dragons” as I’ve been trying to write a novel myself for a few years now. I had just started really picking up the pace with it several weeks ago, then I hit this speed bump and suddenly I can’t even concentrate to read others’ books, much less write my own. Part of me realizes this, like all things, is temporary. But when you’re in the thick of it, it feels like it’ll never end. With my own issues, including some PTSD, I feel like I don’t have much longer to live. I guess I won’t have anything to worry about once I’m gone, but I was hoping to leave at least this novel behind as my magnum opus. I’m not dying, though; this is totally the depression talking. Which is why when you both spoke of being in the backseat, that really went to the heart of my quandary. My rational brain is screaming at me that it’s temporary, that things aren’t as bad as I think, but the bigger part of me, the one that controls my body and my emotions, feels like this will never end, that it’s the end of my life, and that nothing will ever get better no matter how much I try. I guess this is a really long way of saying a real heartfelt thanks for this episode of the podcast. I know I’m not wrong for wanting to reach out for answers in a world that has no absolute one-size-fits-all solutions. That is a really big step for me, since I’ve been kicking myself for having this desire at all. I try to recall in these times that I’m just a “fucking ape” and that it is all in my mind. That’s kept me going so far despite the heaps of pain I’ve been experiencing. Thank you guys SO much.

    Oh, and do get that book written, even if you think it’s shit. There are some of us out here who love reading and are such fans of the show, that we’ll read anything we can get our grubby paws on… well, me at least. You’ve got one book-buyer anyway. Even if it’s just a print of your ass, I’ll buy the book!

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    I suggest reading The Ritual Process by Victor Turner.

    Btw, many things in life are rituals. For example, court proceedings, patients and doctors in hospitals, etc. Email me for detail, too much to type if you’re not interested…

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    here is a quote you might find interesting:

    “Rituals reveal values at their deepest level… men express in ritual what moves them most, and since the form of expression is conventionalized and obligatory, it is the values of the group that are revealed.” (Wilson, M., 1954)

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    Thomas True

    If you want to write your book you have to just sit you butt down and do it. That is how I did mine. I just need a publisher now. Bring your laptop or whatever and have it with you all the time and when you eat or have time, whip it out and add some words. Even if you have to edit later. at least it is there to edit.

    If you want to take a look at what I did it is on my blog

    My book is called “God in Chaos” Thou that is subject to change as it isn’t as disturbing of a title as I am wanting it to be.

    I think “God the turd eater” might get the shock value I am looking for.

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    Alex Hill

    Most musicians (most violinists from what I know), whether consciously or unconsciously, will pick up their own crazy rituals that they know don’t work, but they do it anyways. In my case before a practice session I always ALWAYS have to play a three octave A major scale before I play anything else. If I don’t I feel as though I’m not getting a lot done. Also, I have a song I play before every performance. My logic is that if I can get through that song from beginning to end. Regardless, I still mess up here and there, but playing it makes me less nervous somehow. One of my singer friends goes outside before every performance and screams at the top of her lungs for a full breath. She won’t even look at the stage otherwise.

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    Mike Lee

    Was thinking that if Ryan is making this a “ritual”, does he plan to do this after every life changing event? Will there be cloud surfing at his honeymoon? Will he do the Dew in 20 years after his first proctology exam?

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