Piers Morgan is ignorant about atheism

Skip to minute 5 where Piers displays his complete lack of understanding when it comes to atheism (if you want to avoid hearing any more about the Casey Anthony case). “Hey Bill, do you still pray?”. Who the fuck writes the questions for this idiot? Piers, do you seriously not get what non-belief is all about, dude?

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    Andy Scott

    Piers Morgan is ignorant about everything.

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    Dear America, on behalf of the peoples of the United Kingdom I apologise unreservedly, and whole-heartedly for the blight on your nation that is Piers Morgan.

    But on the plus-side he’s your problem now.


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    Chad Matise

    Loved when Bill said “Praying is trying to telepathically communicate with an imaginary friend. I wouldn’t do that.”

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