Hard-Core members, I need your info

Hey gang,

We’re just about to start making some changes to the site (good stuff, trust me), which means we need to clear the air with all the Hard-Core members that have been with us for over 6 months. If that’s you, then you’ll need to email me your address and contact information so I can send you your free shirt! We want to get all of that moving so we can start offering new and better incentives for becoming a Hard-Core member. Our focus for the next few months is on you!

NOTE: anyone who suspended payments for more than 2 months will not be eligible for the free shirt until they reach at least 5 consecutive months of payments. If you’re not sure if PayPal might have frozen your monthly payments, you might want to go check out your settings just to be sure. If you’re having any other issues, please also email me. you wouldn’t believe how many people are scared to ask me for help!

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