Muslim Flat-Earther

Hey, any of you flat-earthers still on the site? We have a special surprise for you: a Muslim version of you! Isn’t that exciting?

This “Researcher on astronomy” has a number of hilarious theories, including one about blurry vision to explain why things disappear into the horizon. Maybe you’ll want to use some of his “explanations” in your future debates. I mean, they’re no more ridiculous than the shit I’ve heard before from you guys…

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    Luc Leblanc

    I am amazed by this video. How can someone claim that no doctor can explain how the eye works and claim science is a heretic fraud while wearing glasses?

    A millennia ago, Iraq was a beacon of knowledge and technology while the European monarchies were burning books that disagreed with the Christian Mythology. This video shows us what faith can do to people.

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    mark e

    What is any intelligent person supposed to say to that kind of argument in that part of the world? We all know what to say but it depends if you want a rock caving your head in.
    if these religious people claim to describe and truly want to understand gods world, stop arguing with science they should be knocking their doors down asking what glorious things they’ve discovered about gods world, how does it work how did it come into being. But strait away religion shows its intellectual dishonesty they have no concern for how it works or where it comes from. Just how commercially viable they seem to ignorant uneducated believers.
    It’s just a business if your cleaning product or anything you’d buy is proven not to work you won’t buy it again. And without the guarantee you have no boundaries to contain and no dogmas to control your flock and that means no sheep to fleece.
    Isn’t it “unusual” how whenever faith is involved so is your wallet…….

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    Clearly no amount of evidence (or in this poor ignorant fool’s case, ‘evidence’) will convince him of the truth of things because the only truth he WANTS to ‘know’ is that which is contained within his holy book. I’m both disgusted and saddened by the seemingly vast ignorance people like this have. Either that or he is a charlatan, which he does not appear to be. I think he truly believes in what his book offers, and anything it does not offer is also ‘evil’, apparently. Very, very depressing.

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    Remember, half of the population is dumber than the average. This man certainly fits the bill.

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    @DAK “Remember, half of the population is dumber than the average”
    This is not necessarily true.

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