Some people take that Religion shit pretty seriously…

You never know how some religious nutjobs are going to react. That’s a life lesson Jerry Andrews is still pondering about, having recently been shot by his co-worker Dale O’Callaghan. Seems as though Dale may not have had much of a sense of humor about his faith. His sore spot happened to be a certain Harold Camping failed Rapture prediction that was greatly anticipated (and like with most believers, probably continually mentioned). No doubt the inevitable failure presented Jerry with the opportunity for a good laugh. Instead he got a bullet in the shoulder.

After being wounded, Andrews recalls being called “one of those Satanic people” by O’Callaghan. I’m inclined to believe that he may have in fact been referring to us, the non-believers. The concept is probably so shocking to his fragile, child-like understanding of the Universe that he thinks we’re all tools of the devil or something. If you think I might be exaggerating, take a look at this recent Pew poll. It found the #1 fear of Evangelical Christians is the growing influence of secularism. Is it a stretch to imagine perhaps some of them might characterize us as literal agents of Satan?

Scary to think eventually, this bozo is going to be out on the street again. And you know, if he’s there for at least ten years, there’s going to be a whole lot more of those “Satanic people” around, that’s for sure. He and his Evangelical ilk better start getting used to it.

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    The most interesting findings for me from that study were that 49% thought you don’t need to believe in God in order to be moral, which is way higher than I would have guessed, and that 65% find Buddhists ‘unfavourable’. Who could hate a Buddhist?

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    “Who could hate a Buddhist?”

    Well, the Sinhalese Buddhists of Sri Lanka were so complete and flagrant in their discrimination of minorities that the Tamils (mostly Hindu) formed a militia and fought a civil war for 25 years.

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