Blasphemy dismissed

When Behemoth front-man Adam “Nergal” Darski tore up the Bible during his show, calling Christianity the deadliest cult in human history, he did more than offend his fellow Poles. He was also facing charges of blasphemy in his own country, but luckily, the charges appear to have been dropped.

I was actually surprised by the comments of one Christian who was relieved by this:

Common sense prevails – he tore up a book, good job it wasn’t the Koran! I’m a Catholic and wouldn’t tear up a bible, but he was making a personal comment and someone chose to make political mileage from it. I don’t agree with what he did, but prosecution is going too far.

If Christians were all like this guy, the world would be a lot less shitty…

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    Hopefully, with this case resolved, Poland will be one step closer to repealing those ridiculous and unnecessary blasphemy laws. Also, Nergal recently kicked cancer in the balls, so that makes him all sorts of awesome.

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    It’s stuff like this that makes me look past the appearence of secularism in European countries when, in fact, they have laws which are powder kegs-awaiting to be lit.

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