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I can barely contain my excitement. Finally, the Pope – that infallible man who works tirelessly to ensure condoms are all tossed in the trash bin, women have to have the children of their rapists and pedophiles get to live jail-free lives – now has his own twitter! Finally, you can enjoy a direct line to God from everyone’s favorite ex-Hitler youth.

His first historic tweet, telling fellow Catholics he’s jumping on this whole social media bandwagon, was sent from his very own iPad. So far, I heard he’s loving it. I bet it’s easier to keep track of all those memos he sent telling Bishops not to report child abuse to the police. Do you know how hard that is without modern technology?

So, how long before his precious little device gets hacked, I wonder…

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    Vinny O

    It is times like these that I would kill to have some basic skills at hacking computers. Just imagine the amazing tweets that could be generated…

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    I assume you don’t know that it was mandatory to be member of Hitler Jugend when he was young. You can’t hold that against him because he had no choice. He has done enough evil on his own. You don’t need to use Hitler card.

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    I agree with Kvesti, but I would also like to hack that account hehe

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