Gullibility Flash-Mob

If you aren’t familiar with “flash-mobs“, they’re essentially spontaneous gatherings of people who perform some kind of pointless or silly act. They then vamoose as quickly as they assembled. Here, we have a Franciscan looking dude with some shiny chalice-like object. Notice everyone around suddenly kneeling to show their love of some dead make-believe guy. Sad.

If you actually bother to pay close attention to what the audio is saying (which I actually don’t recommend you do unless you’re a sucker for punishment), you’ll notice they try and squeeze Jesus in books in which he’s clearly not a part. Judges, Numbers, Deuteronomy? I don’t recall seeing the name Jesus anywhere in those books…

Hey, isn’t it considered plagiarism to claim a work as your own? Just sayin’!

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    Joe Dixon

    I wonder what the reaction would have been if Muslims had pulled this stunt? Anyway I loved this from the description:

    “Two young women asked: “Why does God allow hurt and pain in the world?” They agreed it was not God’s fault but ours. Then they asked: “Why doesn’t Jesus come again?” We explained that He is here in the form of bread, but would come again and we invited them to think about Him now.”

    Yes, our Lord and savior is busy being bread right now and can’t put in a visit. You’re welcome to toss him into your mouth though. What’s more, just because God created everything and has the power to end all suffering the fact that he doesn’t is really the fault of us human beings. Poor God, just hanging around bagel shops and taking naps in the occasional Italian roll just waiting for us sinful homo sapiens to shape up.

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    I’m impressed they even managed to find enough people in the UK to pull a stunt (rhymes with…) like that!

    Must have paid them a lot!

    and mega lols that the street cleaner turned up straight after to sweep up all the horse shite spoken 🙂

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    Anonymous Atheist

    Here’s the behind-the-scenes story from the Franciscan friar who planned it:

    Note “Recruiting people for a novel event like this was difficult”, but when they put on the show, “At least four adorers were truly spontaneous.”

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    My first thought was, is that John Safran? The guy sounds just like him, and the whole thing seems almost too pathetic to be real.

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    And you will notice that the majority of the kneelers are elderly.

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    Wow, those people must have a lot of time on there hands to do something like that.

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