Theta Healing is dangerous bullshit

Firstly, I’d just like to point out my general dislike of news programs. I hate the way they present the news. At the beginning of this particular broadcast, I practically turned it off once I heard their ridiculous “let’s ask a question so we can pretend to be objective” routine”

“Is it possible that potentially fatal diseases can be stopped in their tracks by allowing a healer to channel thought and prayer into our brains?”

No, it’s not. The best fucking minds in the world keep telling you this, and yet you keep asking the question as though it’s still open for debate. It isn’t. We’ve tested these kinds of claims for decades, and the only thing we’ve found is that people often lose their hard earned money, if not their lives, to charlatans who pretend to have healing powers.

I know that the program eventually exposes faith healers, but why the hell did they chose to present the news in such a distorted way? You’re not presenting it fairly if you take their claims at face value at the beginning of your program. I can’t tell you how angry that shit makes me…

I can understand why the guy at the 4 minute mark wanted to remain anonymous. He was tricked out of over 1000 pounds of his own money. But he was probably desperate, and very afraid. Those are the kinds of vulnerabilities Faith Healers exploit. Trust me, when you’re sick and desperate for a cure, you don’t tend to make very smart decisions.

Also scary is how the founder of this nonsense, Vienna Stibal, claims her bullshit can also cure AIDS? I agree with the idea she should be criminally libel for those kinds of dangerous statements. When are we going to start realizing how dangerous fuckwads like Vienna are?

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    Perhaps it was a ploy to lure those who believe in it in as they’d be likely to turn over/off if they thought the report was going to be refuting it?

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    “Science can’t prove it, it’s quantum physics.”

    *cries* Does she even know what ‘quantum’ means? The Free Online Dictionary, with direct reference to physics, says, “A: The smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently, especially a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation. B: This amount of energy regarded as a unit.”

    That has nothing to do with her ‘healing’.

    This bullshit annoys the fuck out of me. Get an education before trying to weave popular scientific terms into your crap.

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    It is true that Theta healing is based on preposterous lies. She says she healed her own cancer amd cannot prove that she ever had it. There are some forms of healing that are more grounded and realistic, so you need to look for them. Thanks

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    theta healing

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