Epic Jake fail

Need any proof that I’m a total moron? I had scheduled an interview with the author of “Why we believe in God(s)“, Dr. J. Andrerson Thomson for the next podcast, and the program I used didn’t save his part of the audio. So basically, I was left with about 2 hours of me talking to myself. It reminded me of Garfield minus Garfield. I hope I never get that insane. A thousand apologies for my stupidity. I am an ape, after all.

That means the next show won’t be until this Thursday. I bet you can guess what the first topic is going to be, huh?

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    Dan Walsh

    Hi Jake,

    My name is Dan Walsh and I’m the guy who does Garfield minus Garfield. I got a kick out of seeing you mention G-G on your site as I’m a big fan of The Good Atheist. I’m also an atheist myself and blog about it frequently on my personal blog, some examples below:

    Keep fighting the good fight.


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    From your last episode it was a bad time for the mistake. Oh well, these things happen, but keep up the good work. Don’t go in the hotel room!

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    To clarify, I meant to say that I hope you don’t take this mistake too hard based on the doubts you expressed last episode. You are doing a great job.

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    joe dixon

    What Ryan said. But if you do go to the hotel room record it and use it as a Members Only episode. Then fans will really get to know just how good the Good Atheist is!

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    Waste of Mind

    The Pope wouldn’t have made this kind of mistake.

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    Jake, Jake, Jake, it’s not like you to apologize, you are goin soft on me man. It’s ok. Don’t worry. Don’t even, apologize, that way I don’t have to forgive.

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    C Conti

    Not sure what sort of equipment you use, but I am a believer in redundancy so until I felt I mastered my podcasting gear I used to record on my computer but I put an ipod set on record on the line as well as a low tech suction cup mic from radio shack connected to my very low tech tape recorder. Never needed it but I am still glad I did it.

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