Labeling atheism as a thought crime

I found this hilariously offensive letter to the editor from an Irish newspaper, and I just had to include it. It’s a complaint regarding a show called “Liveline” that happened to have featured an atheist upset at a law that was passed in 2009 that would fine blasphemers thousands of dollars for “offending” religious rubes (I admit it’s a bit old, but it’s totally hilarious):

Why in the name of God (oops sorry, didn’t mean to be so insensitive/offensive), does RTE give an entire ‘Liveline’ over to a tiny rump of deranged atheists to spout their puerile propaganda? Just what is their gripe?

Well, it turns out they are annoyed at the prospect that proposed legislation will make it an offence to gratuitously offend religion: in reality, Catholicism (their big bogeyman). The big question is, though, what kind of ideology gets its kicks out of gratuitously offending the sincerely held views of others? It seems both immature and vulgar.

Perhaps the best critique of this ideology is provided in the recently published ‘The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens’, by Vox Day.

This brilliant critique clearly demonstrates why a mere anti-blasphemy law is not sufficient. In the interests of rationality and common sense, the legislation should go further and label atheism a thought crime.

Also, why is the publicly-funded state broadcaster giving these airheads a platform for their dangerous juvenalia?

Eric Conway
Navan, Co Meath

How dare atheists be annoyed that Catholics are attempting to use the long arm of the law to silence dissent? In the interest of rationality, we should ban all form of thought that denies the evidence for God! Can you think of a better way to encourage independent thought than by protecting those that hold magical views from criticism using legislation to do so?

And while we’re at it, we should also make thinking about fucking your neighbors wife into a thought crime as well. After all, according to their messiah, any Christian that has a fantasy about someone other than their wife has already done something evil and sinister.

Can you believe these clowns?

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