TGA Podcast: Episode 138

This week, Ryan joins me as we discuss Harold Camping having a stroke (and why Christians think it’s God’s wrath). We’ll also talk about Saudi Arabia’s battle against modernity, and why California is trying to ban circumcision. Be sure to check out the comic Foreskin-ManΒ and determine for yourself if it’s racist.

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    I’ve just read the comic. Is it racist? …possibly, but more than that, it’s just bizarre. Doctors and rabbis kidnapping children in order to cut them isn’t the problem- it’s parents who want their children mutilated for no good reason. Why someone would make the parents innocents trying to protect their children is beyond me. Haven’t heard the podcast yet, so I guess I’ll hear your opinion tomorrow.

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    Sterling Knight

    By the way, thanks for uploading the podcast to Zune. Otherwise I would never have found out about it.

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    Yay I am not alone now Ryan πŸ˜‰ How about “Internet Entrepreneur”?

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    I wouldn’t mind doin’ the survey Jacob πŸ˜‰

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    Why not just make a google doc for the survey and post a link to it?

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    Jacob mentioned (in either this episode or the previous one) that he wanted a better way to display the books he’s reading.

    I suggest signing up on It’s a great site for keeping track of what you’re reading, displaying reviews, and finding new stuff to read.

    Also, you can embed a widget that shows what you’re currently reading, or your most recent reviews, and a variety of other useful things. Or you can just use the site’s RSS feed (like I do) to import reviews directly into your blog, with a plugin like Feedwordpress and some Yahoo Pipes magic.

    I’m having some issues with my site right now, but you can see how I do it at (RSS feed creating posts) and the bottom of (Goodreads widgets).

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    andre smith

    Banning circumcision is a bad idea, in terms of using the law to tell someone you can practice this part of your faith, but not this bit over here. The idea of government stepping and making these decisions is not a good thing. I’m sorry but we are worried in most cases, not counting the practice on females (which I don’t agree with at all) about male foreskin. What happens tomorrow if atheism is determined, after all we live in a democracy ruled by majority morons…that the atheism is considered harmful to the development of children being exposed to such morally deviant idea? Then what? I suspect most American’s would jump at that chance to ban atheism if they could and turn America officially into Jesus Land 2.0. This is too slippery a slope for us to be on in the first place. What next, we start pulling all religious practices in question under review? I think a better approach would’ve been like cigarettes. EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE people against and you give your reasons WHY. And leave it at it that, but having a governmental body step and make the decision conflicts with American ideals. The usage of “torture” and circumcision is completely overblown as well. Let’s not start equating circumcision with someone molesting their kids or something that is far worse, then arguging over some skin cells at the end of a penis. As someone whose been sexually abused, this just does not address any real problems to protect parents from true mutiliation of their kids.

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    Amelia Gates

    I’ll do the survey. I also second the idea of joining!

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    sysyphus jones

    I recall a letter published some time ago in the British satirical magazine ‘Private Eye’ on the subject of circumcision.

    The gist of it went something like: “Imaging walking around all day, EVERY DAY, with your tongue permanently hanging out of your mouth. Now do you think that would enhance or detract from your appreciation of good food?”

    As a ‘Cavalier’ rather than a ‘Roundhead’, I suppose it’s cruel to laugh, but I think it was the rather melancholy and wistful tone of the letter (of which I can’t do justice) that made it so amusing …

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    Autumn Raines

    I find the argument that Harold Camping had a stroke because God was either punishing him or trying to show him the error of his ways used often in other situations as well. In fact, the “blame-God-or-blame-Satan-or-kinda-blame-both” arguments are really what got me personally thinking about whether Christianity could logically use God for so many situations without eventually finding their arguments crumbling to the ground. Thanks for this podcast! Very enjoyable. πŸ™‚

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