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I think many of you will agree that while TGA isn’t exactly the friendliest atheist site, I’ve never condoned acts of vandalism or violence against religion. I oppose it precisely because I think we need fewer religious martyrs, and there’s no better way to create sympathy for someone that to commit an egregious wrong. That’s why the news of a Church being vandalized in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has me seeing red. Is this the fucking best we can do?

“Praise the FSM”: These are the words written, spray-painted and tagged across not one, but two churches on opposite sides of Bend Sunday night.

When Pastor John Bluebaugh of Christian Life Center got the news Monday morning, his first thought was, “Not again.”
“Really, what went through my mind was, about six months we were tagged as well,” said Bluebaugh. “It was the same kind of deal — different symbols, different sayings, but the exact same places.”

The Friendly Atheist is putting together a posse of generous donors to correct this injustice. Hey, if anyone pushes the boundary too far, it’s up to the rest of us to make it right. Yes, I know that technically we aren’t really a group, and the actions of a few shouldn’t represent the majority, but how often do we throw the immoral actions of believers in their faces? Let’s not add hypocrisy to the list of “sins”, shall we?

I’d like to send a little message to the “artists” who defaced the church: did you think that was a good fucking idea, morons? Did you really imagine your fellow non-believers would be impressed with such a juvenile stunt? We’re having enough of a hard time getting people to stop thinking we’re evil incarnate. This kind of bad press only strengthens people’s prejudice against us. Do we really need to fuel their misconceptions with vandalism? Does that accomplish our goals?

Next time you think about doing something this stupid, please, take a moment to check yourself. The last thing the movement needs is a bunch of idiots running around with spray paint thinking they’re hilarious. In times like these, we all look bad.

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    Come on! What those douchebags were thinking? It’s already hard for us to create awareness towards atheism and make people see we are not – as you said – evil incarnate – as it is and then come some stupid people and vandalize two churchs! That was really smart (being sarcastic)

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    This was some PUNKs being assholes in the name of FSM. You can’t blame the many for the one.

    Look before you leap. Westbourgh baptist church, as I am sure, is the center of all christian thinking and they should lead the fight for all christain thinking. (being sarcastic).

    I implore you to repost with updates!

    “Last night, vandals spray-painted “Praise the FSM” and pirate-fish on two Christian churches in Bend, Oregon.

    This is not ok. This is counter to everything we stand for and acts like these only set back our cause. I don’t know who did this, but I will try to find out.” -Bobby Henderson

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    Sorry… I only read the first paragraph on my reader… as that is all that I see until i click on the link… My Bad!

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    joe dixon

    I doubt whoever did this will be found but if they are I would be astonished if they even thought of this as a blow for the ‘movement’. Likely, it was a young male, not even 20, goofing with a friend and trying to be edgy.

    Doesn’t make it okay, of course. But if these are God Delusion readers or people who have a clue who Christopher Hitchens is I’ll eat my hat.

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    Just read this post after seeing you on Fox News. Took alot of guts to go on that news channel! I’m sure you were only there, as your post pointed out, to try to prove something. Unfortunately, for most thinking adults, you failed.
    You see, if you do something “good” to prove a point or to spread your message, then it really isn’t “good” to start with. Doing good is an action with no thought of any gain. It’s a selfless act without expecting something in return.
    So, when you collect donations to help someone else in order to gain approval or make a point, well . . you’ve made your point. Hate to tell ya, but it’s not the one you were trying to make. Simply shows you as what most people believe you stand for – self-centeredness with a pointless existence.

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