Dan Savage tries to appeal to Liberal Christians

I have to say I strongly disagree with Dan regarding this idea Christianity is being “hijacked” by conservatives. Progressive Christianity is a fairly recent phenomenon. I doubt the thousands of witches burned at the stake would disagree (the last trial for sorcery took place in 1783 in Poland. Hardly ancient history). Religions are all conservative by nature. They demand adherence to strict dogma and tradition. The history of homophobia in Christianity is too ancient to trace. To pretend somehow that the religion is accepting is to ignore the fact that most religious people simply pick and choose their morality, rather than extracting any hard lessons from the Bible.

As far as the idea that the growth in non-belief is somehow partially due to embarrassed Christians, I think it only demonstrates how impossible it has become to defend this belief. Their best line of defense is still “faith”. Try defending any other argument with that bullshit answer. I don’t image it’ll go very far.

If you’re a liberal Christian and you want to scream in the faces of your religious counterparts, then go nuts. Just remember that as far as they are concerned, you’re just as bad as the non-believers. Your opinions and values mean nothing to them. You’ve obviously strayed away from the “core” faith in their eyes, and there’s really no point in trying to use your sophisticated nonsense to try and debate with them. They follow scripture, while you follow the morality of a post-Enlightenment society. Guess which one has more weight to these clowns?

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    joe dixon

    And, as Sam Harris has pointed out the liberal Christian gives cover to the crazies. The good Godly folk make it okay to believe in the absurd. Which is the problem. It shouldn’t matter if your faith really says to hate or to love. It only matters if your faith is actually true.

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    A Christian is liberal in inverse proportion to how seriously they take their faith and their bible.

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    Don’t forget the Quakers, Jacob.

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