TGA Podcast: Episode 137

After a week long hiatus playing ‘Cafe Owner’, I’m back for a Mailbag episode. We’ll be doing these regularly in the future, so if you missed your chance to ask me a question, you’ll get to soon enough.

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    You know what I miss the Ask god segment, now that shit was funny… oohh the good ol days

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    J.N. Hudson

    During the episode you asked “What could be better than objective truth?” Having been raised by a family of religious fundamentalists I can give you the answer, albeit a subconcious one, but an answer nonetheless. What can be better than objective truth? Comfortable lies.

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    jaeger ohellino

    I miss the intro “chilling tales of godlessness” which got me in an evil mood. But its summer so I’ll let it slide.

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    Daniel H

    FYI, honour killings have nothing to do with Islam. They are a cultural element that predates Islam in many societies.

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    Jacob Fortin

    that’s like saying that witch burning in Africa has nothing to do with Christianity, since they were technically doing it before as well. Islam didn’t invent honor killings, but the culture of Islam, especially it’s repressiveness in regards to women, provides fertile ground for this kind of nonsense.

    There’s plenty of dangerous nonsense outside Islam, but few religions have embraced the “old school” quite like that one…

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    Things that additionally contributed to an overabundance of ill educated religious folk in the U.S.
    1. Added “under god” to the pledge of allegiance in 1954 (post WWII)
    2. Began printing “in god we trust” on paper currency in 1957 (post WWII)
    Note: the same phrase has been on US coins since 1864 (Civil War)
    Seems we have a causal link…
    3. Poorly educated people who still manage to hold political sway in the country are convinced that the country was founded on Christian values. Although the majority of the founding fathers were from puritan backgrounds, they were also a people fleeing religious persecution, and not for the purposes of establishing a similar regime that they could be in charge of instead of subject to. They would abhor the merging of church and state demonstrated in the modern day.

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